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Selama Ashal'Thalas!
Thori'Anore was a Sin'dorei-centric RP guild located on the Wyrmrest Accord (US) server.

Escaping the modern military and house boundaries that many blood elven guilds go by today, Thori'Anore wished to bring about a unique experience to her members by acting as protectors of the people, for the people. We aimed not only to restore our homeland to its former and rightful glory, but to redeem the sacred heart of the Sin'dorei, both in culture and spirit.

The ultimate goal of our organization was to not only enrich and liven up Sin'dorei roleplay as a whole, but also to grow together as story writers, players, and friends.

As of May 2014, Thori'Anore has permanently retired itself within the RP community of Wyrmrest Accord.

Click here to watch a video documenting Thori'Anore's Dead Scar Restoration project

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